Student Support Centers

Support Center

Dedicated to providing quality academic and non-academic support to students, MMSU maintains several special centers to promote student well-being.
Academic centers include: the Language Center, which provides support programs to enhance language proficiency as a vehicle for academic and career success, and the University Statistical Services Office, which provides technical assistance in statistical analysis. The research centers and laboratories also serve as academic support centers for specific concerns. For instance, the NBERIC Laboratories and TLDC laboratories serve as learning and research centers for bioenergy and drug discovery, respectively.
Non-academic support centers include the Guidance and Counseling Centers (one in each college / unit) and the Career Hub. A Support Center for Minority Students is also available, specially for students from indigenous cultural communities. These services are overseen by the Office of Students Affairs and Services.

  1. Language Center
  2. University Statistical Services Office
  3. Guidance and Counseling Centers
  4. Support Center for Minority Students