One of the most important missions of the OSSD is the development of student's attitudes, values, intellectual and moral commitments.



The OSSD shall have an integrated student services development program ready to serve the needs of the students in all MMSU campuses. This program shall provide a healthy atmosphere in the University for students to develop a well-rounded personality, so they may attain their goals for success in life.



The Students Services and Development aims to enrich the student’s experiences and supplement the academic programs through educational, athletic, cultural, spiritual, civic and social activities.



  1. Develop among students an awareness of their innate talents and abilities, aptitudes, interests and personality through a variety of guidance tools and techniques;
  2. Provide direction to the academic, education, social and personal life of students;
  3. Assist clients in managing conflicts, concerns, problems on adjustments and decision-making in life;
  4. Coordinate with school and community agencies that could offer reference organizations and agencies for the in-school and out-of-school placement of students and graduates;
  5. Stimulate the involvement of graduates in improving the curriculum and the school itself;
  6. Develop an integrated person with a high level of self-understanding with the ability to effect change while relating with others and the deepening positive values in the school and in the community as a whole.


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