The Business Directorate

The Business Directorate includes Food Service, Accomodation and Agribusiness. Food Service includes operation of the cafeteria, satellite canteens and catering services. The Accomodation section includes operation of dormitories, rental housing, mansion and the hostel. Agribusiness includes meat processing and Iloko vinegar production, piggery, poultry (layers), rice and other dry season crops, pomology/vegetables and university share. there are long-term projects which include water refilling station, small ruminants, cattle, fishponds and floriculture.

Rentals of properties like lands, fishponds, academic gowns, equipment and facilities of the University are likewise contributing to the income generation.

in as much as academic and non-academic units are encouraged to participate in income-generation, projects undertaken by these units include uniform sewing, bookbinding, t-shirt printing and ink-refilling.

  1. Maximize productivity and efficiency in the IGPs that should push income to optimum levels.
  2. Produce income that shall sufficiently  provide the needs of the University that shall reduce if not eliminate dependence from government subsidy.
  3. Strengthen further the trilogy functions of the instruction, research and extension through more responsive IGPs.
  4. Create a culture of entrepreneurship among University constituents by providing them means and avenues to produce and market their products.
  5. Showcase applied technologies that shall influence and touch the lives of more people.
  1. Quality products and service toward generating more income and patronage especially in the food and accomodation services.
  2. Utilization of projects for practicum work of students and extension clients on management and application of learned concepts as well as technologies generated and for research.
  3. Capital investments and expansion of projects for maximum economic impact.
  4. Financing new income generating projects that have substantial economic impact.
  5. Participation of home industries as cooperators in University projects and in the marketing of theis products.
  6. Participation of faculty and staff in their private capacity in the income generating projects of the University like lease of properties for private enterprise.


OP Memo No. 22-049 Policies Rules and Regulations Governing the Occupancy MMSU Housing Facilities


1 University Mansion terrace and living room P2,500 per 4hrs
2 University Mansion transient rooms P500/head/night
3 MMSU Hostel messhall P2,500 per 4hrs
4 MMSU Hostel Function hall P4,000 per 4hrs
5 MMSU Hostel transient rooms P600/head/night; for single room occupancy, P1,000/night
6 MMSU UBRC Training hall P4,000 per 4hrs
7 MMSU UBRC messhall P2,500 per 4hrs
8 MMSU UBRC Transient rooms P500/head/night; for single room occupancy, P1,000/night
9 MMSU Teatro Ilocandia P7,500 per 4hrs
10 Gymnasiun basement P2,500 per 4hrs
11 Sunken garden/commencement grounds P 9,000 per 4hrs( night time); P 7,000 per 4hrs (daytime)
12 FEM park P 8,000 per 4hrs( night time); P 6,000 per 4hrs (daytime)
13 MMSU Covered court P4,000 per 4hrs
14 MMSU Student center P4,000 per 4hrs
15 MMSU NACIDA building P4,000 per 4hrs
16 MMSU Lagoon P2,000 per 4hrs
17 MMSU CTE social hall P2,000 per 4hrs
18 CTE Magnolia residence mess hall P2,000 per 8hrs
19 CTE Magnolia student residence hall P600/student/month
20 CTE Magnolia dorm international wing (for local clients) P300/head/night
21 CTE Magnolia dorm international wing (for foreign clients)  
22               Quadruple (4 pax/room) P4,800/student/month
23               Triple (3 pax/room) P6,300/student/month
24               Double (2pax/room) P7,700/student/month
25               Single (1pax/room) P9,200/student/month
26 Classrooms with Aircon P1,000 per 8hrs
27 MMSU Sip Hub P2,500 per 4hrs
28 MMSU swimming pool w/ shower (swimming activity) P75 per head per 4hrs session
29 MMSU swimming pool side with gazebo as venue P10,000 per 4 hrs
30 MMSU swimming pool Function hall only P 6,000 per 4 hrs
31 MMSU swimming pool transient rooms w/ swimming P500/head/night
32 MMSU swimming pool with gazebo & function hall P15,000 per 4hrs
33 Dormitory for 4Ps building 1 (for foreign students) P2,000/student/month
34 Dormitory for 4Ps building 1 w/common CRs (for Local students) P700/student/month
35 Dormitory for IPs building  w/ CRs inside the rooms  (for Local students) P800/student/month
36 CoEds dormitory-Batac Campus P300/student/month plus electricity for appliances/gadgets
37 Ladies residence hall-Batac Campus P300/student/month plus electricity for appliances/gadgets
38 Auxiliary buildings P6,000/month excluding electricity
39 CTE Kiosks P2,000/month excluding electricity
40 Space for rent in Colleges-Batac Campus P2,000/month excluding electricity
41 Space for rent in CAFSD Dingras Campus P1,000/month excluding electricity
42 Rental Housing building 1 to 4 P300/unit/month excluding electricity
43 West Apartments P540/unit/month excluding electricity
44 PCAARRD Housing units P780/unit/month excluding electricity
45 Duplex Housing Units P780/unit/month excluding electricity
46 East Apartments P840/unit/month excluding electricity
47 Old Bodega building beside Mansion P400/300/180/unit/month excluding electricity
48 Cottage (Northeast of Gymnasium) P300/unit/month excluding electricity
49 Balay Ti Away P180/month excluding electricity
50 CASAT dorm for students P300/head/month
51 CASAT dorm for Faculty P500/occupancy
52 CASAT Cottage (whole lobby plus 2 rooms) P2,500/24 hrs (in excess of 12 occupants, P50/head)
53 CASAT Cottage (whole lobby plus 1 room only) P1,500/24 hrs (in excess of 6 occupants, P50/head)
54 CASAT Cottage (whole lobby only) P1,000/occupancy
55 CASAT basketball court P2,500/occupancy
56 CASAT grounds P2,000/occupancy
57 CASAT Big picnic shed P2,000/occupancy
58 CASAT Student Center P500/occupancy
59 CASAT Picnic Sheds (small) P500/unit/occupancy
60 CASAT Classrooms P1,500/room/8hrs
61 CASAT FTC hall P1,500/4 hrs
62 Space rental grounds (4x4 sq m) (during Unigames) P300/concessionaire/day excluding electricity
63 Monobloc Chairs P5/piece/use
64 CASAT Diving gears :Mask and Snorkel P350
65                                               Booties P100
66                                               Wet Suit P250
67                                               Bouyancy Belt P350
68                                               Weight Belt P50
69                                               Regulator Console P450
70                                               Full Scuba Tank P250
71                                               Airfill Refill P170
72                                               Life Vest P100
73 CASAT Banca ride Negotiable depending on route
74 CBEAT Tent & Space rental-Food P11,000/concessionaire for the whole duration of Trade Fair exclusive of electricity
75 CBEAT Tent & Space rental-Furniture P13,000/concessionaire for the whole duration of Trade Fair exclusive of electricity
76 CBEAT Tent & Space rental-RTW, Accessories & Others P10,000/concessionaire for the whole duration of Trade Fair exclusive of electricity
77 CBEAT Space rental only-Food P9,000/concessionaire for the whole duration of Trade Fair exclusive of electricity
78 CBEAT Space rental only-Furniture P11,000/concessionaire for the whole duration of Trade Fair exclusive of electricity
79 CBEAT Space rental only-RTW, Accessories & Others P8,000/concessionaire for the whole duration of Trade Fair exclusive of electricity
80 University Share (Land rentals) for farmer cooperators 25% Land share