MMSU March and Hymn

MMSU March


Dear Mariano Marcos State University

We now sing of thy real glory

We adore thee and love thee truly

Where'er we shall chance to roam

Thy sons and daughters will ever love thee

Are to thee loyal and true

Always Alma Mater dear,

Where'er we go, we'll think of thee.


Thou hast been always longing

For the welfare of thy children

And to them, thou hast devoted

Thy attention and best care

We soon shall be repaying

For the cares and kindness true

We will ever Alma Mater

Give the best in us for thee.



MMSU dear

Alma Mater beloved

To you we promise our never ending love;

Though fate may bring us

To other lands afar,

Our hearts and thoughts will always be

With you wherever we are.


Hold high the green and gold

Waving with pride and hope;

Inspiring us to rise

To reach the greatest heights.

With your kind guiding hand,

We know we'll never fail

To reap success and give the best

For you and our Fatherland.



To reap success and give the best

For you and our Fatherland,