Geographical Location

          MMSU is located in Ilocos Norte, a province in the northwestern part of Luzon Island, Philippines. Its main campus of about 300 hectares is in Batac, 472 km away from Manila. Batac is an agricultural and peaceful town, which affords and excellent environment for educational and rural development. The location allows convenient commuting from the boundaries of Batac and the towns of Paoay, Currimao, San Nicolas and Laoag City. Passenger jeepneys, mini buses and buses pass by the campus. In addition, the province has an international airport in Gabu, Laoag City and seaport at Gaang, Currimao.

          MMSU also maintains five other campuses. These are located in Laoag City (2 campuses), Currimao, Dingras and Paoay.


Main Campus

          The main campus houses the university administration building, six academic units (College of Agriculture and Forestry; College of Arts and Sciences; College of Business, Economics and Accountancy; College of Engineering; College of Health Sciences; and College of Law), University Library, Crops Research Laboratory, Teatro Ilocandia, and six Department of Agriculture agencies (Philippine Carabao Center at MMSU, DA-Region I sub-station 2, PhilRice Batac, Cotton Development Administration, National Tobacco Administration, and Agricultural Training Institute-Provincial Training Center)There are also two MMSU campuses in Laoag City (campus 1 and campus 2). Campus 1 houses two academic units (College of Teacher Education and Graduate School) and the Regional Science Teaching Center. On the other hand, Campus 2 houses the College of Industrial Technology.The MMSU campus in Currimao houses the College of Aquatic Science and Applied Technology whereas the campuses of Dingras, Paoay are satellite campus of the College of Agriculture and Forestry and College of Industrial Technology, respectively.


Location Map

Batac Campus

  • FEM Building (Administration Bldg.)
  • College of Agriculture, Food and Sustainable Development
  • College of Arts and Sciences
  • College of Business, Economics and Accountancy
  • College of Engineering
  • College of Health Sciences
  • College of Law
  • College of Medicine
  • Research and Development Directorate
  • Extension Services/Technology Promotion and Utilization Directorate
  • CHED-Zonal Research Center
  • Ilocos Agriculture and Resources Research and Development Consortium
  • Ilocos Norte Science Community
  • Regional Center on Poverty

Currimao Campus

  • College of Aquatic Science and Applied Technology

Laoag Campus 1

  • College of Teacher Education
  • Graduate School

Laoag Campus 2

  • College of Industrial Technology

Paoay Campus

  • College of Industrial Technology

Dingras Campus

  • College of Agriculture, Food and Sustainable Development (Satellite Campus)


Province of Ilocos Norte Classification

2nd class province with 2 cities (Laoag City and City of Batac) and 21 municipalities



By air - 45 minutes from Manila, 40 minutes from Koshuing, 75 minutes from Hongkong, 3 hours from Japan and Korea By land – 8 to 10 hours from Manila, 4 hours from Baguio City


  • Dry - November to April
  • Wet - May to October


Average Temperature

Minimum - 22.0 oCMaximum - 32.4 oCCool months - December to February



By Air - the airport is located at Bgry. Gabu, Laoag City with a concrete runway of 2,000 meters by 45 meters
By Sea - The seaport is situated at Gaang Currimao with existing infrastructure facilities such as concrete pier, guard house, rock coastway access road and open storage area.
By Land - Interprovincial bus terminals are mostly located in the provincial capital managed by the private sector



100% energized; has sufficient infrastructure utilities to supply the power demand of the province; 220 volts



There is already direct communication network in all the 21 municipalities and Laoag City and City of Batac provided by the various communication companies operating in the province.