Social Rooms

Social Rooms

MMSU has various social rooms fit for a wide range of activities, from small group discussions to conferences and massive social events. Foremost among these is the Teatro Ilocandia, a three-storey building that serves as a venue for conferences, cultural performances, exhibits, sports events, and other activities. The Covered Court is a multi-purpose building used for academic, sports, and cultural activities. It also doubles as a Resiliency Center. The Student Center provides a common social space for students from all colleges to converge to conduct meetings, competitions, and other activities. It also houses the offices of the Student Affairs and Services directorate, the Central Student Council, the University Student Publication (Sirmata), the University Psychological Testing Center, and the support centers for minority students.
The Center for Flexible Learning, located at the second floor of the Main Library, serves as a shared learning space for students. Equipped with state-of-the-art IT equipment, the CFL provides an ideal venue for students to connect to the Internet for various purposes. The CFL comprises a Conference Room, the International Programs Center, Chinese Learning Center, and Collaboration Room. The open-space learning commons is an ideal space for discussion and collaborative activities.
Other function rooms of the University are the University Review Center; the MMSU Function Hall; and the Hostel Dining Hall.
Each college / unit also has its own social hall. Examples are: the CTEX Hall and CTE Auditorium at CTE; the CIT Social Hall at CIT; and the NBERIC Auditorium. All colleges in the Batac campus also have their own social halls, which can accommodate smaller groups of students for college-wide activities.

Center for Flexible Learning
University Hostel
Teatro Ilocandia

Area = 4,217.40 sq. m.
Quiling Sur, City of Batac, Ilocos Norte

University Training Center
CAS Audio Visual Room
Student Center

Area = 659.60 sq. m.
Brgy. 5, Laoag City, Ilocos Norte

Covered Court