Infrastructure Development Projects

To complement classroom learning, the University operates various specialized laboratories in the colleges. At the same time, it has laboratories in the Research and Development Complex that can be used for a wide range of R&D activities.

► NBERIC Laboratories (Link to NBERIC)
► TLDC Laboratories
► Crops Research Laboratory
► Biocomputing Lab
► Meteorology Laboratory
► Computer Laboratories
► Etc

National Bioenergy Reaseach and Innovation Center (NBERIC) Building


Communication Arts Building
Community Center

The University maintains housing and accommodation facilities for its students, employees, local and foreign visitors, and international students. At the Batac campus, residential facilities are concentrated in the MMSU Village, which comprises dormitories. Its location provides a safe place for students to build a community while navigating their academic journeys. Dormitories are also available in the Laoag and Currimao campuses. To complement in-campus facilities, MMSU partners with reputable dormitories to help address the space needs of a steadily-growing student population.

► Dormitories
► MMSU Mansion
► MMSU Hostel
► University Training Center
► CTE Dorm
► CTE Balay ti Alumni

Student Dormitories
Food Park (Rentable Spaces)
CASAT Function Hall