MMSU joins Indonesia school’s summer camp

By Sheila Mae C. Rotairo
StratCom Intern


Faculty and students of the MMSU College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) participated in a webinar series organized by the Universitas Muhammadiyah Prof. Dr. Hamka (UHAMKA) in South Jakarta, Indonesia. 


Titled Summer Camp Betawi Culture 2021, the virtual event enabled the MMSU participants to understand the Betawi’s (Indonesia’s ethnic group) identity and tradition, a headway in establishing smoother collaboration with the UHAMKA in the future.


Held last June 18 and 21-24, the virtual event is also the UHAMKA’s one way of preserving the Betawi culture and reviving its identity and traditions amid the process of rapid urbanization.


Other participants in the summer camp come from Brunei Darrusalam, Madagascar, Malaysia, Myanmar, Pakistan, Philippines, Timor Leste, and Vietnam.


The summer camp featured the Betawi’s music, language, cuisine, arts, and other customs and traditions. It also enabled the participants from various countries to comprehend and appreciate each other’s culture through discussions. 


The MMSU’s participation in the summer camp is a sign of its vibrant partnership with the Indonesian university. One of its partner-institutions since 2019, UHAMKA has been collaborating with MMSU on academic exchange programs. (StratCom)