MMSU gets nod on ISO certification

Auditors from the SOCOTEC Certification Philippines Inc. have assured to grant MMSU an International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 9001:2015 certification within 30 days after the university submits its corrective action plans for its minor nonconformities.


The minor nonconformities of the university to the international standards are in line with creating and updating (ISO clause 7.5.2), control of production and service provision (clause 8.5.1), and measurement traceability (clause


"After providing the planned corrective actions within 30 calendar days, MMSU will be immediately recommended for certification against 9001:2015," SOCOTEC auditors Zyrah Kae Tungol and Robert Jarquio assured during the closing meeting of the Stage 2 Audit of the MMSU Quality Management System (QMS) held at the University Function Hall on December 13.


The university campuses in Batac City, Laoag City, and Currimao were audited in line with their advanced professional and higher education, research, extension and support services. 


"MMSU was able to effectively establish and implement its QMS, and the members of the top management and organization are committed for the continual improvement of the organization," the auditors said.


"All employees interviewed during the audit are aware of the implemented management system in the university," the auditors said, especially commending the College of Aquatic Sciences and Applied Technology (CASAT) in Currimao for having its records readily available, as well as the whole university for its restrictions and filters for free internet access in its campuses.


In terms of opportunities for improvement, the auditors advised the university officials to consider relocating fire extinguishers near laboratories, review process of request and distribution of medicines and supplies to other campuses, consider other methods to effectively capture customer feedback, and consider including the consultants of the College of Medicine in the biometrics system to simplify the recording of their attendance.


Overwhelmed with joy, MMSU President Shirley C. Agrupis exclaimed that all efforts of the university constituents for the university's bid for ISO certification finally paid off, thanking the members of the QMS teams and staff for bravely embarking on the journey toward this endeavor.


"This certification audit gave us a chance to continue what we are doing well, and identify those we still need to do," Dr. Agrupis said, adding that "such findings will serve as our basis in moving forward."


"From now on, let us plan carefully, continue to do things together, check-up on each other, and act and achieve together," she urged.