2 CTE students win in int’l app camp

By Niña Christelle M. Sumintac

Two students of the College of Teacher Education (CTE) bagged the best application awards during the 2021 International Thematic Camp (ITC) organized by an Indonesian University last August 6.


Sid Anthony Paolo R. Verdan, a Bachelor of Secondary Education major in Social Studies student, and Ginuel Agbayani, a Bachelor of Early Childhood Education student, belong to the Squads 1 and 20, respectively, which both won in the said competition. 


Other members of Squad 1 were Supunnika “Fai” Wanaporn of Bangkok University in Thailand, Edward Hartanto Enrico Abadi of Bina Nusantara University in Indonesia, and Waniya Batool of National University of Science and Technology (NUST) in Pakistan.


Squad 1 created StopHate, an app that raises awareness on the causes and effects of hate crimes and serves as a reporting platform of such incidents. The app can be accessed at https://marvelapp.com/prototype/gj67hje.


Meanwhile, Squad 20 is composed of Ignat Zelenko of Bangkok University in Thailand, Evelyn Nathania Louis of Bina Nusantra University in Indonesia, Ma Xiaoxue of Xiangsihu and Guo Dandan of Xiangsihu College of Guangxi University for Nationalities in China.


Squad 20 created I-Wander, an app for travelers. It consists the following features: the search section that enables users to know about the country or place they want to visit; the translator feature that gives provides various languages; a chat box that is ready to assist the users on their travel concerns; and a virtual reality that provides a computer-generated view of the place they are visiting.  


These two prototypes were chosen by the organizers based on the following criterion: clarity of the background of the problem, clarity of the solution presented, design’s aesthetics, usefulness, and the overall benefit of the project to the society.


The participation of CTE students in the ITC was made possible through the efforts of the University’s External Linkages and Partnership Office headed by Dr. Mee Jay Domingo, thru the International Faculty and Student Mobility unit headed by Prof. Jeanette G. Dials. 


Verdan and Agbayani were recommended by the Social Studies Program Adviser, Prof. Carolyn G. Paguyo, and Early Childhood and Special Needs Education Chair, Prof. Irene T. Acuña, respectively. Both submitted their application documents to participate in the international camp. 


Organized by the Binus University, one of the top private universities in Indonesia, ITC is a month-long intensive summer course program that introduces concepts of cross-discipline research to international student-participants. Through the program, participants gain skills in research and writing techniques by engaging with professionals in solving problems in science and technology disciplines, and are given credits after completing the course. (StratCom)