Univ faculty trained to develop IMs

By Daniel P. Tapaoan, Jr. 


To ensure effective delivery of instruction, faculty members of the Mariano Marcos State University (MMSU) convened in a webinar on how to develop instructional materials (IMs) last May 27. 


Spearheaded by the MMSU Faculty Association, Inc. (FAI), the webinar is one way of enhancing teaching capabilities in the new normal.  


Considered as an essential teaching tool, IMs provide the core information that students experience, learn, and apply from a course.


In the activity, Dr. Ronald Candy S. Lasaten, chief of university’s instructional materials development office, discussed the general process and protocols of developing IMs to the participants. 


He also shared the prescribed IM templates and forms to the faculty members. 


“IMs will facilitate learning by our students, thereby sustaining academic excellence in the university,” Dr. Marlina L. Lino, FAI president, said. 


For her part, MMSU President Shirley C. Agrupis said “the production of carefully planned, selected, organized, refined, and validated instructional materials by faculty members reflects their level of professionalism and achievement as purveyors of knowledge.”


The MMSU president also expects to see an increase in the duly-approved IMs and in number of qualified faculty members for merit promotion by next year. 


The webinar is among the FAI’s activities which are geared towards its goal of reinvigorating and empowering its officers and members. (StratCom)