MMSU, Japan university to implement exchange program

MMSU and the Gifu University (GU) in Japan have agreed to cooperate in international exchange programs by allowing their faculty, personnel and students to pursue graduate and undergraduate studies in both schools next year.


This academic partnership was contained in a memorandum of understanding (MOU) signed between MMSU President Shirley C. Agrupis and GU President Hisataka Moriwaki during the former's working visit at GU last September 9. The validity period of the exchange program is five years.


Dr. Agrupis said the two schools agreed to collaborate in academic and research activities, internationally-funded projects, course development and delivery, training programs, and organization of technical programs, among others.


“Aside from the MOU, we also signed an agreement on student and faculty exchanges,” Dr. Agrupis said, adding that this partnership will further deepen the long-standing friendly relations of the two institutions and to promote scientific and cultural exchange activities.


As stipulated in the MOU, MMSU and GU shall become the home and host institutions for the exchange students and faculty members. However, those who will be sent to any of the two universities shall adhere to the provisions stated in the agreement.


For instance, exchange students of both schools shall study full-time in the home institution and shall complete at least one year of undergraduate study. Upon entry in the host institution, students shall be registered as “non-degree-seeking” students. The period of exchange shall be one academic year.


An exchange student shall possess the minimum level of language proficiency required by the universities. His/her field of study, too, is limited within the range of curriculum and professional expertise provided by the host institutions.


On the other hand, faculty exchanges might be done in various forms such as individual short- and long-term visits to the institutions, among others. Mentors from both universities shall also conduct joint projects in research and development, and co-authorship of publications.


Prior to its tie up with GU, MMSU has already got the support of the four Japan universities last March. These are the Ashikaga University, Shizouka University, Kyoto University, and the GU which have pledged to modernize the MMSU’s renewable energy facilities and enhance its research and academic initiatives.


In the same month, the MMSU was the lone university in the Philippines to become a member of the International Consortium of Universities in Southeast Asia for the Doctoral Education in Agricultural Sciences and Biotechnology, or the IC-GU12. At present, there are now 19 universities from nine countries who are members IC-GU12 with the GU as lead agency.