DevCom prof initiates tablet, load donation for students



Help continues to pour in for students who are facing the challenges of flexible learning.

A professor of the Department of Development Communication of the MMSU College of Agriculture, Food, and Sustainable Development (CAFSD) has initiated a donation drive for DevCom students to enable them to cope with online classes. 

Prof. Emile Kathleen M. Aguilar, also the concurrent adviser of the Development Communicators’ Society (DevComSoc), started the initiative to provide android tablet and e-load for the students last May 21.

Aguilar said she started the donation because she understands that not all students have sufficient media access, thus, making online classes a big challenge for them.

Days after calling for sponsors, she was able to give android tablets to three DevCom students, sponsored by her cousin, Mr. Sonny Taylan, and a former DevCom faculty, Ms. Marilyn Fortenberry. 

“I gave the tablets to deserving students. One of them borrows a laptop from her friends and climbs a tree to access signal to send in her class requirements,” narrated Aguilar.

Aside from giving android tablets, Aguilar also collected a total of Php 6,500 for the load donation, and gave Php100 load to each student. 

She stressed that the initiative was made possible by the following donors: Ms. Ria Gaces Pasion-Balanag, Ms. Nataliza Llapitan, Prof. Herdy Yumul, Ms. Candy dela Cruz Soberano, Mr. Manny Morales, Ms. Dina Afaga, Ms. Chou Zen Wan (Ella Alibania), Ms. Lea Agbigay, and Mr. Gilbert Cacatian. She mused, “they, too, are heroes for our students at this difficult time.”

Meanwhile, the student-recipients thanked the DevCom professor and donors, saying that these will help them finish their requirements before the end of the school year. (StratCom)