MMSU Global Family launched to fortify alumni network

To strengthen partnerships between MMSU and its alumni around the world, the MMSU Global Family was formally launched on June 29-30 at the Excalibur Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. 

The launching is part of the celebration of the first reunion of MMSU graduates and former employees outside the Philippines, dubbed as the “First Green and Gold Inniliw across the Pacific” with the theme: “Unity in Diversity: Galloping Forward to ACHIEVE more”.

ACHIEVE is an acronym of Dr. Agrupis’ seven-point agenda which stands for academic excellence; creative, relevant, and innovative research programs; high impact and transformative extension and outreach programs; improved revenue generation and resource management; external linkages and partnerships; vibrant and engaging, culturally-focused university campus; and effective and efficient management. 

The reunion gathered 136 MMSU alumni and former employees who are residing in different parts of the United States of America and Canada.

The activity was graced by MMSU President Shirley C. Agrupis who served as keynote speaker and inducting officer of the members of the organized MMSU Global Family in the two countries. Alumni Regent Bismark Angelo A. Quidang, Alumni Relations Office Chief Ciriaco T. Ragual, former MMSU President Miriam E. Pascua, and former MMSU Vice President Nancy B. Balantac also attended the event.

As a private and non-profit organization based in Bay City, Texas, MMSU Global Family serves a major partner of the present MMSU leadership in achieving its strategic goals, particularly in expanding its external linkages and partnerships.

Marylyn M. Fortenberry, a former MMSU faculty at CAFSD’s Department of Development Communication, was elected president of the organization. She was also the Regional Applied Communication Office (RACO) representative of MMSU to the 18-member agencies of ILAARRDEC before she went to the United States.

Fortenberry is along with Dr. Balantac (Vice President), Frances D. Escalona (Secretary), Dr. Perla Ulit (Treasurer), Engr. Aida Fernandez (Asst. Treasurer), Julie Andres Evasco (Auditor), Jesrey Valencia (Business Manager), Fevie Rose Feril (Public Relations Officer), and Rosalia Bactat, Beverly Saclayan, Dr. Cristina Johnson, Judith Maculam and Ciriaco Ragual (Board of Directors). They will serve for a term of two years.

The organization’s constitution and by-laws were also ratified during the reunion. 

In her speech, Dr. Agrupis presented MMSU’s programs and accomplishments under her leadership. She, too, thanked the alumni and former MMSU employees for their support to MMSU, and challenged them to contribute to the realization of the university’s objectives. 

“Through this group, we hope to solidify our efforts to bring our university into an even higher place of recognition,” Dr. Agrupis said.

She solicited the organization’s support in “globalizing” MMSU by fortifying its world-wide network and ensuring that the university meets world-class standards. 

“As one global family, let us work together to achieve more for our dear MMSU,” she added. The next reunion of MMSU Global Family will be held in Hawaii, U.S.A. in June 2019.