WEBINAR SERIES: Strengthening the Online Teaching Capability of MMSU Faculty Members

To further Strengthen the Online Teaching Capability of MMSU Faculty Members, a Webinar Series will be conducted among the academic workforce of the University next month.

Topics to be discussed are: a) The Paradigm of Online Teaching and Learning; b) Designing Courses for Online Teaching and Learning; c) Designing Learning Activities for Online Teaching and Learning; d) Selecting Open Educational Resources (OERs); and, e) Preparing Assessment Tools.

Experts in distance learning, curriculum development, instructional materials, information technology and education will be featured in the online sessions.

All faculty members of the University are expected to participate in the said virtual activity.

MMSU President Shirley C. Agrupis stressed that "this effort of the University reflects how we effectively and efficiently hurdle the obstacles of the New Normal academic environment."

Prof. Wilben Pagtaconan, project team leader, said that the event is to be accessed only by the instructors and professors of the University.

The webinar room and registration details will be provided soon.

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