Ilokano COVID-19 Prevention Infographics-Making Contest

Keeping the public informed is an important task to prevent any disease from spreading. Information dissemination is even more crucial because information materials should be accessible and comprehensible. Thus, Center for Iloko and Amianan Studies (CIAS) invites all MMSU students to create Ilokano COVID-19 Prevention Infographics.


1. The contest is open to all MMSU students.
2. The infographics should contain information on COVID-19 prevention.
3. It must be written in Ilokano.
4. Target audience will be the general Ilokano public.
5. Infographics must be clear, organized, and concise.
6. Name of the designer should not appear in the infographics.
7. Sources of information must be recognized at the bottom part of the infographics.

Submission Procedure:

1. Fill out the registration form accessible at
2. All entries must be sent to on or before 28 August 2020, 11:59 PM with the subject Ilokano-COVIDInfograph-[SURNAME] (example: Ilokano-COVIDInfograph-TEJANO)
3. Entries must be both in pdf and jpeg file

Judging and Announcement of the Winners:
1. Judges will select top 10 entries based on:
Clarity, organization, and conciseness-50%
Use of the Ilokano language-50%
2. The decision of the judges will be equivalent to 60% of the total score. The other 40% will be based on the TOTAL REACTIONS that the entries will receive when it will be posted on the Facebook Page of MMSU-CIAS on September 1, 2020 from 5:00 AM to 11: 00 PM.
3. Announcement of the top three winners will be through the Facebook Page of CIAS on September 5, 2020.
4. Winners will receive the following prizes:
First Prize-Php 2, 000. 00 and certificate
Second Prize-Php 1, 000.00 and certificate
Third prize-Php 500.00 and certificate

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