CFAT 2020 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

CFAT 2020 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How can I view my CFAT result?

--- To view your CFAT result, log-in with your MMSU CFAT account at Then, go to the Exam-Result page to complete and submit the form provided. After, your exam result will be displayed. Download your result by clicking the Download Result button. Don’t forget to print the downloaded result and present it on the date of your admission.

2. I forgot the username and / or password of my MMSU CFAT account, how can I reset my login credentials?

---To reset your password, log-in with your MMSU CFAT account at Then, click the ‘Forgot your Password?’ button. You will be asked to type your e-mail address, then, a message will be sent to your e-mail. In the message, click ‘I forgot my password’ for you to be redirected to register a new password. Note: you can only request to re-set your password five times a day.

3. I was not able to take the CFAT, will there be other schedule for the conduct of the exam?

---MMSU may administer another CFAT, but there is no final schedule yet. To be updated, regularly check the MMSU website ( and the MMSU Official Facebook Page (@MMSUofficial).

4. What is the qualification in taking the CFAT?

--- CFAT taker must be a K-12 / Senior High School graduate.

5. Will my CFAT score be valid if in case I will not be able to enroll during this school year?

---Yes, your CFAT score has a validity of one year. Counting starts from the day you took the exam.

6. How is total score different from percentile rank?

--- Total score refers to the number of points you have obtained in the CFAT, while percentile rank refers to your ranking based on your performance relative to the scores of others who took the test. Percentile rank refers to the percentage of total scores in its frequency distribution that is equal to or lower than it. Example: Your obtained CFAT score is 78 out of 100 and percentile rank is in the 80th percentile. This means that your score is better than 80% of the examinees.

7. What is the difference between “enlistment” and “enrollment”?

---"Enlistment” refers to the process of securing a slot for your preferred course, while “Enrollment” refers to the process of being formally registered as an MMSU student. Enlistment does not guarantee enrolllment; you may lose your slot if you do not proceed with enrollment when scheduled. A person who is enlisted is not yet a student of MMSU, while an enrollled one is a full-fledged student.

8. How can I enlist myself in the course that I want?

--- You will have to fill out a form to be provided in an online pre-admission portal. The link will be provided through the MMSU website ( and its official Facebook page (@MMSUofficial).

9. Can I enlist in two courses at the same time?

---No, this is not allowed. You can enlist in only one course at a time.

10. How can I enroll?

---First, you have to apply for admission to the course you want. Application will be through logging in your MMSU account at Once qualified, you may proceed to your medical / physical examination in the designated venue in your college / department.
In the day of enrollment, present the following: a) Original and Photocopy of High School Card (Form 138); b) CFAT Rating; c) Original and Photocopy of Birth Certificate, issued by the Philippine Statistics Agency (PSA); d) Two pcs (1 ½ x 1 ½) colored ID Photo with name tag (white background); e) Certification of good moral character from the Principal or Guidance Counselor; f) Scholarship Award for privately-funded scholarships; and, g) Certification from the University Physician indicating physical and mental fitness.

11. What is a “Wait-list?”

---A wait-list is a list of prospective students who are waiting for available slots for their preferred course. They are included in the wait-list because the slots may have been filled up by prospective students who put the course as their first or second priority. Those included in the wait-list have to wait until some students decide not to continue to enroll in the course.

12. I was not able to meet the minimum CFAT score for my first or second priority course. What should I do?

---The Department that handles the course you wish to enrol in will notify you if you are included in the wait-list. (Refer to FAQ 11 for wait-list concerns.) If you are not enlisted in the wait-list, you may enlist yourself in your second priority course if your CFAT score makes you eligible for admission. If you decide to take another course, other than your priority courses, you have to enlist yourself to the course you wish to enroll in. However, you have to meet the course’s qualifications (cut-off score, secondary school average grade, and credentials). The process for admission to your chosen course can be done before or during enrollment. The college department that supervises the course can facilitate this change, provided that slot/s are available.

13. I did not meet the cut-off score for my first priority and/or second priority courses. Will I be allowed to re-take the exam?

--- No, the CFAT can be taken only once a year. However, you may re-take the CFAT in the next year, provided that you have not yet enrolled to another school.

14. I am qualified to enroll in my priority courses this school year; however, I changed my mind, and decided to enroll in another course instead. Is this possible? What should I do?

--- Yes, the University allows you to enroll in another course. (Refer to FAQ 12)

15. Are transferees required to take the CFAT?

--Transferees are required to take CFAT if they have earned less than 30 units of credit for the course they are applying for. In addition, transferees must provide their Transfer Credentials / Honorable Dismissal, certificate of courses and grades with a weighted average of 2.5 or better, and certification of good moral conduct.

16. How much is the tuition fee for my course in MMSU?

---- No tuition fees are collected for MMSU undergraduate courses. MMSU complies with RA 10931 – The Universal Access to Quality Tertiary Education Act that institutionalizes free tuition and exemption from miscellaneous fees.

17. I have other CFAT-related concerns, to whom shall I reach?

--- Send a message to the MMSU Admissions Office at email