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Brief History of the University High School – Batac

The University High School – Batac was formerly the Batac Rural High School which grew into the Ilocos Norte Institute of Technology then became the MMMCST and later merged with the Northern Luzon College to establish the Mariano Marcos State University by virtue of P. D. 1279.

In 1975, in addition to the existing Laboratory High School, an Agricultural Science High School, was established by virtue of the Resolution No. 23, S. 1975 of the Board of Trustees of the then Mariano Marcos College of Science and Technology primarily to provide the best education in the sciences and to produce highly scientific and technological students as feeders to the college science oriented programs. Due to financial constraints, however, this Science High School was closed in 1982.

Three years thereafter, the MMSU, under President Santiago R. Obien and the then PSHS Director, Dr. Cleofe M. Bacungan, realizing the significance of a Science Class in the MMSU University High School, joined hands in re – opening the Science High School in School Year 1985 – 1986.

A Memorandum of Agreement was drawn and was duly signed on August 2, 1986. This Science Class is still existing up to the present.

School Goals

University High School - Science Class
Our Vision

The High School – Science Curriculum is envisioned to provide training of the scientifically gifted youth who shall be the source of leaders and professionals in science & Technology.

Our Mission
  1. To provide gifted students a holistic education marked by excellence in science, mathematics, and technology, humanistic in spirit and nationalistic in orientation.
  2. To be the model high school in national class resources & comprehensive for education, research and development.
Our Goals
  1. To develop and prepare students for Science & Technology careers.
  2. To equip students with knowledge, skills, virtues to prepare them for a responsible leadership and citizenship.
Our Objectives
  1. To identify, screen and assess gifted and talented children for science & technology.
  2. To stimulate, develop and prepare students to enter careers in science and mathematics.
  3. To provide the conditions for the development of a set of values acceptable to the individual and society.

Laboratory Elementary School
Our Mission

The Laboratory Elementary School supports the College of Teacher Education’s mission of providing quality instruction by serving as a laboratory for the quality training of would-be-teachers for national and international development.

Our Vision

The Laboratory Elementary School endeavors to become the lead elementary school in the region.

Our Goals and Objectives

To fulfill its mission, the Laboratory Elementary School seeks to attain the following goals:

  • Produce quality on campus teaching and other related experiences for BEED students.
  • Implement the Basic Education Curriculum as prescribed by the Department of Education.
  • Develop student teachers’ and pupils’ sound values, leadership capabilities, talents and skill through its co-curricular programs and projects.
  • Conduct researches to improve teaching and learning processes.
  • Work harmoniously with the PTCA and other agencies for the improvement and development of the entire school.
  • Extend services for the improvement of the quality of life of the community.
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