University Life Gender and Development

The MARIANO MARCOS STATE UNIVERSITY GAD FOCAL POINT SYSTEM (GFPS) mainstream a gender and culturally sensitive institution through development advocacy framework and institutional agenda with a vision, mission and goals.

A leading institution for inclusive management and shared leadership in gender, cultural sensitivity and operating systems for higher education institutions and zonal development.




Integrate and advocate gender equality, cultural sensitivity principles, perspectives and development processes in all levels of management and operations.

  • Ensure gender and culturally sensitive human resource management and development including organizational development systems towards university and zonal development;


  • Manage holistic, unified and comprehensive GAD programs, projects and activities (PPAs) at all levels and for all key players and stakeholders;


  • Develop competent and credible educators, researchers, extension and development workers including students who are gender, culturally sensitive and responsive;


  • Establish a cadre of practitioners, institutional partners and clientele fostering cooperation while promoting equality, responsibility, accountability, and cultural identity and integrity; and


  • Promote gender equality, cultural sensitivity and development-oriented individuals and communities in nation-building and countryside development.




Responding and adhering to the principles, perspectives, and practices of GAD in all our plans, PPAs, the MMSU management, personnel, and studentry proudly attest to the slogan I AM PLEASED:



  • Initiating holistic gender and culture-sensitive development activities;
  • Achieving and responding to the vision, mission, and goals for institutional development;
  • Managing dynamic and integrated GAD PPAs;
  • Promoting gender-sensitive and responsive PPAs;
  • Leading men and women, including children, into mainstream development;
  • Engaging key players and stakeholders, especially women, in development;
  • Assuring the active participation and involvement of all;
  • Sharing equal opportunities and interventions for development;
  • Empowering men and women, including children, in development; and
  • Disseminating real-life learning experiences in development.






  1. Gender-Responsive Instruction/Curriculum Development (GRCP)
  2. Gender-Responsive Research Program (GREP)
  3. Gender Responsive Extension Program (GREP)
  4. Gender Responsive Business and Production (GRBP)
  5. Gender-Responsive Management and Coordination
  6. International Linkages and Partnerships 
  7. Establishment of MMSU INANG IMELDA GAD Zonal Resource Center (GAD - ZRCs) 

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