FEM Park launched today

In recognition of the late President and MMSU Founder Ferdinand E. Marcos, the FEM Park will be launched today, November 24. It is located in front of the FEM Hall (former Administration Building).


Two flagpoles bearing the Philippine flag and the MMSU Banner will be unveiled. On each flagpole are markers where statements made by President Marcos about education and nation-building are inscribed.


MMSU President Shirley C. Agrupis said that the markers (baton-lagip) of President Marcos highlights his living testimony and commitment in building the University as the techno-hub in Ilocandia. Dr. Agrupis hopes that the park will be expanded in the future.


In his inauguration on December 30, 1965, President Marcos famously remarked, “We must awake the hero inherent in every man. We must harness the wills and the hearts of all our people. We must find the secret chords which turn ordinary men into heroes, mediocre fighters into champions. Offering all our efforts to our Creator, we must drive ourselves to be great again”.


During MMSU’s first Commencement Exercises on April 25, 1978, FEM enthused, “It is my fervent hope that the graduates of this university now and in the future will be imbued with a passion for justice as they are with the necessary skills for development”.


The launch of the FEM Park follows the investiture of Dr. Agrupis. (By Daniel P. Tapaoan Jr.)