MMSU-ITC establishes in-campus area network

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Because colleges and offices in the Batac City campus are far from each other, a campus area network (CAN) will be established to connect them.

Approved by the Board of Regents (BOR) during its last meeting, the CAN aims to provide a more efficient and cost-effective network solution,  multi-department network access to internet and telephone services which can be brought through one location and distributed throughout the network, and dedicated physical infrastructure that offers the highest levels of security for data transmission.

CAN is a computer network that links the offices and consists of two or more local area networks (LANs) within the limited geographical area within a university campus, or in other agencies and institutions.

Connection of CAN will be established through aerial fiber optic cables around the MMSU – Batac campus, which will be used as the runway of the systems that are being used in the University.

As the proponent of the proposed CAN establishment, Prof. Wilben Christie R. Pagtaconan, director of the Information Technology Center (ITC), said that the recently approved CAN is now subject to bidding process before its full implementation.

“As of now, CAN is only limited within the campus and does not cover the free internet connectivity, but this will be extended in order for the students to access internet connection. Later on, the expansion will comprise of the internet that could broadcast relevant information for the students”, Prof. Pagtaconan said.

He added that CAN, which serves as the backbone of network in the University, will be used in supporting the establishment of free internet connection around the campus -(By Daniel P. Tapaoan Jr).

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