Level up, students urged

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MMSU President Dr. Shirley C. Agrupis urged the students to 'do some work' to help her realize her vision for the the university.

In a press conference at her office on Aug. 2, the president also encouraged the students, which she called as "the fountain of ideas," to explore how they can help in coming up with a tangible project to further strengthen the support system to students.

"I will ask the student to do some work. I expect more from them. Student performance is the embodiment of the quality education and support system we can give to them," she said.

"Under my administration, we will not only produce topnotchers in board exams. I want to see well-rounded students," she said, adding that students must be aware of current issues in the university and in the country.

Agrupis also vowed to strengthen the university's partnership with stakeholders and the community to achieve her vision.

"No university can realize its vision by itself," she said.

She further emphasized that she will consolidate efforts to elevate existing Centers of Development (COD) to Centers of Excellence (COE) adding that the COE serves as the “standard so that we can claim that we are at par with other universities." --(By SIRMATA)

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