COE, CAS lead UniGames, cultural olympics

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The College of Engineering (COE) and the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) emerged as the overall champions in the 2017 university games and cultural competitions beating the other colleges in average percentage points.

Although the COE Fighting Maroons dominated the other colleges by garnering 115 points in 18 events in the culture and the arts festival, they were still down by 12 points against the reigning CAS Wizards who got a total of 127 points, which eked their way into the top post at the close of the competition.

The Maroons emerged champions in charcoal drawing, hiphop street dance, quiz bown, storytelling, pencil drawing, painting, and live band competition; while the Wizards were champions in vocal solo, duet, pagkukuwento, and radio drama.

On the other hand, the CTE Rabbi occupied the third slot by garnering a total of 86 points in the overall ranking after grabbing the lead in essay writing, pagsulat ng sanaysay, poster making, and instrumental solo.  

Meanwhile, the CIT Red Lions were not as lucky as last year’s UniGames because  it landed fourth in the overall ranking after garnering a measly 68 points in all events.

The other colleges with their respective percentage averages and rankings are CBEA, 44 points (5th place); CAFSD, 28 points (6th place); CHS, 9 points (7th place); and CASAT, 6 points (8th place).

In the sports competition, the COE busted the seven colleges by garnering 409 points (77.90%), which was far beyond the second CIT which got only 219 points (41.71%).

It was a breath-taking performance of the Maroons since most of their athletes played in the regional State Colleges and Universities Athletic Association (SCUAA) Meet in Pangasinan State University (PSU) and they didn’t want to lose that opportunity as they pushed themselves to the limit so that their players could again advance to SCUAA 2017.   

At the close of the four-day competition, the CBEA yelled a tumultuous victory when they got 215 points (40.96%). which landed them third in the overall ranking, a feat they enjoyed last year.

On the other hand, CAFSD, CTE, CAS, CHS and CASAT landed fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth places garnering 195 points (37.14%), 132 points (25.14%), 75 points (14.29%), 55 points (10.48%), and 35 points (6.67%), respectively.

The 2017 University Games and Cultural Competitions took off in style, October 18-21. Athletes from the eight colleges competed in 14 sports disciplines. During the opening program, Prof. Arsenio T. Gallego, PESSDO director, urged the teams ‘to hit bullseye’ in MMSU’s bid for an 15th consecutive title in the 2017 SCUAA Regional Meet to be hosted by the University of Northern Philippines on November 18-22. 

This year’s Unigames espoused the theme, “Pushing Stallions to Conquer and Achieve” in an effort to capture the 15th consecutive year of sports supremacy in Region 1.

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