Agrupis urges extensionists to help build the countryside

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MMSU President Shirley Agrupis has urged the members of the Regional Agriculture and Fisheries Extension Network in Region 1 (RAFEN 1) to help build the lives of people in the rural areas for inclusive growth.

Citing the indispensable role of extensionists, Dr. Agrupis challenged the development workers that it is not the number of awards and recognitions that give the real satisfaction, but it is the “extent of help for these communities so that we might transform their lives for inclusiveness and innovation.”

“These are the true measures of success,” she said.

Dr. Agrupis said the event is memorable for Ilocos Norte, because it is the first time the RAFEN Symposium is being held in the province, but the occasion is also personally momentous for her because it was the first speech she delivered as MMSU president.

“I have always believed that the MMSU presidency is a matter of destiny, and it is also part of that destiny that the first group I am meeting is this eminent body of extensionists,” she said adding that she is proud to lead a university which has a strong culture of extension, especially in the agriculture and fisheries sectors.

“Our extension programs have consistently won awards in the national and regional levels. Moreover, MMSU students, driven by their passion to serve and inspired by the ideals of agripreneurship, have brought honor to the Philippines several times in the Enactus World Cup held in various continents,” she beamed.

The RAFEN 1 symposium drew more than 200 delegates from the network’s 14 member-agencies which promised to further strengthen their linkages in delivering development services of their various stakeholders.

To support the thrust of the Duterte administration, the symposium pursued the theme: “RAFEN UNO, Nurturing Future Agripreneurs” where the network showcased in the two-day activity a unified extension system in the region that brings progress to the Filipino farmers and fishermen.

Serving above purpose, the symposium held various activities such as poster and photo exhibits of various RAFEN 1 agencies, presentation of best extension practices, and sharing of success stories, among others.

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