About the Climate Resilient Agriculture

About the Center

To address the challenges of climate change impacts on agriculture, the Center was established by virtue of BOR resolution No.1183, s.2012. Prior to this, the Regional Development Council- Region I also designated MMSU as the Regional Research and Training Center for Climate Change in Region I.

The center aims to enhance the resilience of the agriculture sector to climate change and climate variability through strategic research and demonstration of proven technologies on the farmers’ field for wider adoption. More so, it will take the lead of crafting, coordinating and implementing regional integrated RDE plans for climate change.

Research Facilities and Equipment

Currently, the center is equipped with:

  • GIS and Environment Monitoring Laboratory  with  10 modern desktop computers with 31 floating ArcGIS 10.1 Licenses and two ENVI+IDL  Licenses
  • Network of Automatic weather stations
  • Two dedicated servers for downloading satellite data for climate change studies
  • Two units of survey grade GPS

On-going Researches

  • Enhancing resiliency of the agriculture sector to climatic variability and climate change through development and application of improved production and risk management technologies
  • Field demonstration of locally appropriate adaptation options and site-specific technology packages to reduce exposure to climate change-induced risks
  • Building climate resilient communities through targeted community training