Past Presidents

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Dr. Saturnino M. Ocampo Jr.

Term/Duration: June 1999-December 2004
Educational Attainment: Doctor of Philosophy Major in Research Design and Methodology
School Graduated: The Ohio State University


Dr. Ocampo`s administration implemented a well-balanced four-fold functions: research, extension and production. Internal efficiency was heightened by closing/freezing programs that did not prove viable. Further, the Integrated University High Schools was phased out in compliance with BOR Resolution implementing the transfer of non-laboratory schools to the Department of Education and attaching the laboratory schools to mother colleges offering the education course.

External linkages were highly strengthened, R & D was refocused for relevance and impact, innovative technology promotion strategies were initiated, and compute literacy was highly promoted among university constituents. Additionally efforts were intensified in agribusiness projects that are generating substantial income, while at the same time scrapping those that are on the borderline. Facilities were augmented through the establishment of a physical therapy building, tissue culture and biotechnology laboratory and glasshouse, 4 staff housing units and a two0sotrey student`s dormitory under the congressional funds of Hon. Imee R. Marcos, representative of the second district of Ilocos Norte. The university was also awarded an institutional development grant for the purchase of biotechnology and IT equipment and for the implementation of DA-BAR agriculture and Fishermen Research and Development Information System.

During his term, the University was re-designated as Center of Excellence in Agricultural Engineering, Special Center of Development in Agriculture and CHED Zonal Research Center for Region I, Region 2, and CAR. Additionally, MMSU students and graduates showed exemplary performance in various competitions and licensure examinations, giving honor to the University as among the top performing schools in nursing, pharmacy, physical therapy, accountancy and electrical engineering. ILARRDEC with MMSU as the lead agency again won the prestigious Ugnay Award in 2004.


Dr. Elias L. Calacal

Term/Duration: June 1993-May 1999
Educational Attainment: Doctor of Philosophy Major in Material Science Engineering
School Graduated: University of Washington, Washington D.C., USA


Under his administration, university facilities were improved with the repair of many buildings and expansion of the university theater, which was later named as `Teatro Ilocandia`. Excellence in academic and co-curricular activities handed over by the past Presidents was sustained and under his administration, the university was designated as Center of Excellence in Teacher Education and Center of Development in Ceramics Engineering. Programs in the various colleges were accredited by the AACCUP. The CBEA and CHS became the third among the top performing schools in accountancy and nursing, respectively, in the Licensure Examinations. Became extensive as the university reached to municipalities in fulfillment of its social reform agenda. In research, ILARRDEC, with MMSU as the lead agency won the prestigious Ugnay Award in 1996. MMSU also a lot of research awards at the regional and national.


Dr. Felipe B. Cachola

Term/Duration: June 1987-May 1993
Educational Attainment: Doctor of Philosophy Major in Agricultural Education
School Graduated: University of the Philippines at Los Baños, Los Baños, Laguna, Philippines


Under his administration, the University Manpower Development Program was at its peak. Several faculty members attented graduate studies, short-term trainings, study tours and conferences in accredited higher education institutions (HEIs) not only in the Philippines but also in the United States, Europe, Australia and Asia. The curricular offerings of three academic units, GS, CAF and CE, were accredited by the Accrediting Agency for Chartered Colleges and Universities of the Philippines (AACCUP), which raised the integrity and quality of teacher education and agriculture degree programs both in the undergraduate and graduate levels. Students excelled not only in academics but also in co-curricular activities. For example, the ROTC unit was adjudged as outstanding in Region 1 and CAF Student Council became one of the Three Outstanding Youth Organizations of the Philippines (TOYOPHIL). Other notable accomplishments include implementation of two internationally funded research projects Strengthening Applied Research and Training for Dryland Agriculture` or SARTDA and `Strengthening the Garlic Industry, Philippines`. The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations and the International Development Research Center funded these projects, respectively. These projects were instrumental in the implementation of the university`s manpower development program in HEI`s abroad.


Dr. Santiago R. Obien

Term/Duration: June 1985 - May 1987
Educational Attainment: Doctor of Philosophy Major in Soil Science and Herbicide and Weed Control
School Graduated: University of Hawaii, Hawaii, U.S.A.


His administration formalized the research unit, strengthened research manpower by strengthening linkages with international and national research institutions/organizations, hiring capable/competent researchers and capability building of existing manpower resources through short-term training courses and seminar-workshops. Research took off and researchers from north to south came to observe the R&D activities of the university. New programs were prepared such as the university manpower development program (UMDP) and research proposal `Strenthening Applied Research and Training for Dryland Agriculture` (SARTDA), which was granted funding by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO-UN).


Dr. Consuelo S. Blanco

Term/Duration: June 1978 - May 1985
Educational Attainment: Doctor of Education
School Graduated: University of California, Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.


The physical plant and academic programs of the university developed markedly. Three additional academic units were created, College of Arts and Sciences, College of Engineering and College of Economics (now the College of Business, Economics and Accountancy). To keep abreast with education, technology and science, MMSU became an active member in international organizations such as the International Association of Universities, International Association of Higher Learning and Association of technological Education in the ASEAN. It became a seat of an American Studies Resource Center in Northern Luzon, one of four chosen in the country by the United States Information Service, Asia Foundation and American Studies Association of the Philippines.


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